Community Presbyterian Church P.C.A.
The Tri County Pregnancy Care Center of McIntosh is located on 441, north of the Family Dollar and next to Community
Presbyterian Church. The Center opened in February of 2012, and is affiliated with the Tri County Pregnancy Center in
Williston,which has served since February, 1996. Tri County Pregnancy Care Center is a Christian outreach, not affiliated
with any church or church denomination. Families in need are offered food from the Center food bank, diapers, clothing,
pregnancy tests, referral for free ultra sound, and adoption referral. There is no charge for services. All are greeted with a
smile, and each family is treated with love and respect. Trained Christian counselors provide encouragement and offer
hope to all who come through our door. We are a 501c3, so all donations are tax deductible. We do not take government
funds and rely upon the generosity of churches and the community to keep our doors open. Hours of operation are
Tuesday and Thursday - 12 to 4 PM.  Phone: 352-591-5331

As explained in the section “Our Denomination”, the Elders of our
Church form the governing body of the church.  Elders are composed
of a Teaching Elder (our Pastor) and Ruling Elders (lay leadership of
our church, elected by the Congregation and charged with the responsi-
bility of overseeing the congregation and its property). It is a
spiritual office and Elders must be genuine followers of Christ, gifted by
the Holy Spirit to provide leadership, and apply Biblical law in their decisions.
Ruling Elders are nominated and elected by the congregation. They must meet
Biblical qualifications.  They admit or dismiss members, establish time for
services, approve programs, oversee the finances of the church, call on members,
visit members in the hospital.  Those gifted to teach do so, listen to concerns, and
handle matters of discipline.  The Holy Bible is the Ruling Elder's standard for
making prayerful decisions, and it is a genuine honor to serve in this capacity.  It is
also a sacred responsibility requiring a commitment of time and energy.  A Ruling
Elder serves for life unless incapacitated or moves away.  

Mrs. Dan (Renee) Walkup and her committee provide an invaluable service to this church.  They are
mainly 'behind the scenes' volunteers who see to it that our Fellowship Hall is set up for whatever
activity is planned there.  They organize seating, service and provide appropriate decoration for our
monthly Fellowship Luncheons.  They also organize, always at a moment's notice, food items to be
provided for a meal following a funeral service at our church.  They also see to it that appropriate
table settings and decorations are in place for planned Community services (Easter Sunrise
Breakfast, refreshments after the Christmas Cantata, or a snack meal for other occasions.)  They
plan menus and coordinate volunteer providers for our special occasion meals.  They maintain a
kitchen supply inventory, purchasing items as needed.  These folks are some of the real 'unsung
heroes' of our congregation ... it could sadly be said that we only notice their work if it doesn't get
done.  When it does, we often times take it for granted ... assuming everything will be in place at the
ready when folks start to pour into the Fellowship Hall expecting something to eat to nourish their
body, after the spirit has been nourished in the Church Sanctuary.  Be sure to thank Renee or one
of her committee after one of our get-togethers!
Sometimes I think I was really born with a hymn book in my hand on the front steps of my parents’ church,
Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church.  It was all I knew growing up. My parents spent every free moment there
and served the Lord all their lives, and since the age of 14, so have I,  I still have the piano I learned how to
play in childhood by sight reading, four years of piano lessons and college instruction at UF which led to a
degree in Fine Arts.  I substituted  at an untold number of places when a regular pianist was absent ...
which was a good foundation for public performance ... and on various pianos and organs.  I also learned
the fine art of vocal performance in the same manner.  One gift my husband John (now deceased) and
I gave to the new sanctuary at CPC was a 1903 Steinway grand piano after it had been restored with funds
obtained by selling hardwood timber from the property we built our new home on in 2003.   About 2006 CPC
was gifted with a Clavinova electronic piano through a foundation established by Ron and Ruth Taber.  
I have directed or been a vocalist in many duets, trios and choirs over the years.  Currently I work with the McIntosh Area
Community Choir.  We sing for Thanksgiving, Good Friday, Easter Sunrise, and present a Christmas concert each December. As to the
time I’ve given the Lord for the gift He has given to me, music making has been a great blessing, joy and comfort.  The Lord has owned
every one of my holidays, Sunday mornings, many Sunday afternoons and most Wednesday evenings since I was a child. It has been a
privilege to provide the background of weddings, baby baptisms, communion and funeral services, during the highs, lows and holy times
of so many of God’s people and my own. I have played when I was heavy with child, tending to my children, broken by the horrific loss of
three of them, as care giver to my surviving child, caring for my mother and husband thru final illnesses and now, adjusting to life as a
widow. The experience of making music has kept me happy, healthy and has been another form of unique spiritual communion with
God, for music is the voice of the soul that God breathed life into and wrapped flesh around.  The Lord knew we needed music.   
Operation Christmas Child is part of Samaritan's Purse which is directed by Franklin
Graham, son of Rev. Billy Graham. Their focus is the World's neediest mission fields.
Operation Christmas Child is just a small part of their program. It is a Christian
evangelism organization. Since 1993 over 100 million children in 130 countries have
received a shoe box filled with useful and fun things they might otherwise never even
see much less own.  The national collection drive is in November, but anyone can
participate directly.  After we collect the shoe boxes from our members, they are taken to
the 1st Baptist Church in McIntosh and from there, all the collected shoe boxes are taken
to Oak Crest Baptist Church.  Eventually the boxes are loaded on trucks which deliver
them to Atlanta, and sent from there to the receiving countries where they are distributed
to the children.  If you would like to participate, Google “Samaritan’s Purse” (without the
quotes) and click on Operation Christmas Child.  You will find instructions of what to
send and where to send it (it doesn’t have to go through a church project).

The University Of North Florida Worship Team presented special music.  Navy Chaplain Stan Beach
recognized the Veterans and offered prayer.  The North Marion High School ROTC presented flags before
the service and retired them following service.  The Reverend Tommy Park (who leads the Reformed
University Ministries at UNF) was special guest speaker.  Following worship service, a cook out and picnic
was held under tents on the church grounds.  The Church had rented a “bounce house” and a “barrel train”
for the children’s enjoyment.  The men provided and grilled hot dogs and hamburgers.  The community had
been invited to both the worship service and picnic, and a special effort was made to reach out to
unchurched folks.

I am the third official historian of CPC and I must give credit
to the two who came before me.  Founding Member Mrs.
Howard (Irma) Walkup was the first to record not only the history from day one but
maintained a church photo album until her death.  Mrs. James (Martha) Walkup took
up these efforts on her own and kept them going until I was asked to be the 'keeper
of records' in 2005.  I compile the annual history of the church and keep the photo
album updated with the help of my husband, Tom Rushton, and Claude Raulerson,
our photographers.  Founding Member Mrs. Jack (Annis) Puffer asked if I would
relieve her of her project of keeping a copy of each Sunday worship bulletin as she
had done since day one as well.  I have done this for several years now.  With
enormous help from members, I wrote and published the Church History 1990-2010.  I
maintain the church's web site you are viewing.  We also compiled and published a
new Church Directory in 2015. It is all a labor of love. I am happy to carry these
projects forward for those who come after to see where it all began.