Genesis  1-3
It is good.  In the Garden of Eden.  The loss of joy.
Genesis 12
The call of Abraham and the promise of the renewal of joy.
Genesis 27 and 47
Blessings and Joy.
Exodus 3 and Numbers 13
Leaving a land of bondage for a land of milk and honey.
Deuteronomy 6, 28 and 30
At last preparing to enter the promised land with joy set before them.
Ecclesiastes 1:12-18; 2:16-26;
5:18-20; 8:14-17; 9:7-10;
The goal is joy.
Proverbs 3
Joy the promise of wisdom.
2 Chronicles 7 and 13
The promise of blessing and joy fulfilled in Solomon's kingdom.
Joel 3 and Amos 9
The promise of the kingdom renewed.
Matthew 5:1-12
The beatitudes reveal the joy to come.
Matthew 19:16-30
Riches do not define joy.
Matthew 25:18-46
Joy the fruit of faithfulness.

Philippians particularly
Chapter 4

There are always reasons to rejoice.
Revelation 21,22
A picture of everlasting joy in the presence of God.
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